Tea purchased at the auctions  is brought to the Company’s warehouse where blending is done under the supervision of the Tea Taster or Blend Master.
The Tea is then packed in consumer packs of 100gm,225gm,250gm and 450gms as well as wooden chests, paper sacks or jute bags to handle 26Kg to 50Kg as per the buyers specifications.



Tapioca that is ready to cook is packed in pouches of 900gm and frozen to -180C and packed in master cartons. The shipment is handled in reefer containers maintained at -180C. 


We export Par Boiled Rice and Matta Rice to the Middle East Countries according to market requirements and buyers specifications.


We export Coffee Beans to the CIS countries and to the middle east. 


Eggs are cleaned in Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with distilled water and placed on paper tray. And are then packed in a master carton to contain 360 eggs in each. The shipping is handled by way of reefer containers maintained at a temperature of 20C.




Desiccated Coconut is made from well matured tasteful Indian Coconuts and packed into 1Kg, 9Kg, 25Kg and 50 Kg bags as per market requirements.


Coconut Milk Powder is hygienically dehydrated coconut milk into a powdered product which retains the natural flavor and texture of coconut milk upon re-hydration, yet has good keeping quality.  It is packed in  1Kg, 9Kg, 25Kg and 50 Kg bags according to market requirements. 


We export Soap as well as Toothpaste to the CIS countries under the brand Huma and Spearmint.


We make cotton bags and export them to Hamburg for the German market. We import cotton from the CIS countries for this and the bags are made in sizes of 41cmsX41cms and 38cmsX42cms. 50 such bags are packed in poly bags. And 5 such poly bags are further packed into a carton to accommodate a total of 250 bags. (ie. 5X50 pieces)

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