Zeus Exports Private Ltd. was set up in January 1995. The company, is managed by a team of professionals who have extensive experience in the field of International trade, Commerce and Finance. Ever since the inception of the company this team of top caliber professionals have been instrumental in the steady growth of the company by honoring their commitments and by prompt execution of contracts. 

We have our registered office at Cochin, India. Strategically located Cochin is a thriving seaport, famous as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. It offers vast potential for fulfilling our prime objective of exporting Indian manufactured goods and agricultural products to foreign markets by way of readily accessible sourcing and competitively efficient deliveries.  

The company has built up a network of liaison offices and associates in  major cities in India to facilitate product sourcing and for the prompt execution of contracts.

Our Primary Markets are 
1) Russia
2) CIS Countries
3) UK and Germany
4) Dubai, Muscat, Doha, Yemen and other Middle East Countries

The company is a member of the various boards detailed below.
  • Tea Board

  • Coffee Board

  • Spices Board

  • Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)

  • Basic Chemicals , Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Exports promotion Council (CHEMEXICIL)

  • Federation of Indian Chamberís of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) 

  • Swedish Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sweden


The exports originate mainly from Indian ports at  Bombay, Madras, Cochin, Tuticorin and Kandala. 


Our Packed and Processed Exports consists primarily of Tea. Indian tea is renowned for Its high quality and  for its aroma and flavor. The major share of the tea  produced in the country originates from the North Eastern and Southern States. India produces both CTC and orthodox Tea. CTC tea is renowned for its quick brewing qualities while Orthodox is known for its delicate flavor. Most Tea produced in India is sold through public auctions conducted under the aegis of Tea Board of India. Tea is sorted lot wise as per the quality of produce and offered for sale in the auction. the company participates in all the auction centers in India to source tea suitable for the various world markets. the company also sources Tea directly from the tea gardens to meet specific customer requirements. 
Apart  from Tea our other major  exports  include Coffee Beans, Rice, Eggs, Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Milk Powder and also Indian breads like fresh frozen Tapioca, Parotas and Samoosa. We also export  Toiletries to the CIS countries and Cotton Bags to Germany

The major imports that we do consists of snack food from Oriental Food Industries, Malaysia, Condensed milk from Singapore and also Biscuits and Confectionary from the Middle East for sale in Kerala, Madras and Bangalore. We are in the process of expanding our imports in terms of Synthetic Rubber and Carbon Black from Russia and the CIS countries. 
Our future plans are to venture into Software Development on the IT front and we have flagged  off  our ambitions by becoming a franchisee to SSI a premier software training and development group.

Zeus Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Thadathil Building, Cochin-682016
Kerala, India

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